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About Us

Pharmacy in Houston, Texas


Choice Pharmacy has a goal to be a yardstick for quality in:

  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Distribution and Delivery of Medical Equipment
  • Compounding Services
  • Nutritional Supplement Retailing
  • Competitive Product Pricing


For Choice Pharmacy to continually be the provider of choice for citizens of the areas we serve. We believe we can sustain a long-term pharmacy-customer relationship with our individual clients and the brand distributors who are our suppliers. Our Pharmacy in Houston, Texas, seeks ways to maintain the professional stature that we earned through years of service in the industry.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Choice Pharmacy is bound by principle and by the state to be an equal opportunity provider of pharmacy services and pharmaceutical products. We will not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, religion, ethnic background, and sexual orientation when it comes to the delivery and/or sales of our products and services.


Choice Pharmacy is licensed by the State, State-of-the-art Laboratory for Compounding Services, Excellent Customer Care and so much more... READ MORE ›