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Why a Person with Diabetes Feels Pain in their Feet and Legs


A diabetic person might feel excruciating pain in their limbs or other parts of their body at the slightest touch or movement. Many scientists believe this is because over time, diabetes damages nerve cells and as a result causes diabetic neuropathy.

It is one of the most common effects of diabetes—60 to 70 percent of people with diabetes are estimated to develop this condition throughout their lives. While no amount of diabetic supplies can reverse this condition, some ways to help manage it is by lowering blood sugar level, treating the nerve pain, and regularly checking your feet to make sure that they are free from any forms of injuries, wounds, or infections.

There are certain medications for treating painful diabetic neuropathy such as gabapentin, pregabalin, and amitriptyline, or topical medications. These medical supplies in Texas are available and can be bought in pharmacies near you. However, the most effective way to reduce the symptoms and progression of this condition is to manage blood sugar levels that’s why it should always be a part of their treatment plan.

For more information about diabetic neuropathy and diabetes management in general, our pharmacy in Houston, Texas can help you. You may visit or call Choice Pharmacy for any inquiries about our products and services.

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