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Why Should You Take Your Medicine as Prescribed?


Many people across the country do not take their medications as prescribed by their physician. Some do it intentionally, while others do not. Common reasons why this happens include forgetfulness, difficulty in understanding directions, or lack of funds to buy refills. Other people also stop taking their medications because they think it’s ineffective.

But did you know that misusing your medications and medical supplies in Texas can lead to negative health outcomes or even death?

In the US, over a hundred thousand people die yearly due to medication non-adherence. It sounds impossible, right? But it’s a hard fact.

When you do not take your medication as prescribed, it makes it harder for your body to fight off infections or tamp down symptoms of your disease. In some cases, the infection can even come back stronger. It can also make viruses and bacteria resistant to your medication, thus making it harder to treat.

Medication non-adherence can also make your condition rebound. For example, if you’re taking medications for your heart disease, missing doses can cause a heart attack. You can even feel withdrawal effects due to the sudden chemical changes in your body.

If you wish to know more about medication adherence, you can visit our pharmacy in Houston, Texas.

Choice Pharmacy is always ready to answer any questions you may have about your medications or illnesses. If you need high-quality diabetic supplies, you can also rely on us.

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